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Ocean Spray

Select work from the "Straight from the Bog" global campaign that leverages grower heritage and cranberry's natural goodness.

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Role: Broadcast, Interactive, Sports Marketing, Brand Promotions

Ocean Spray Canada: Finger Counting

Ocean Spray: Rice Cake

Ocean Spray Canada: Measuring Cup

Ocean Spray: Know-it-all

Ocean Spray: Calendar Splash

Ocean Spray: Swarm

Ocean Spray: Juice Stand

Ocean Spray: Double Dip

Ocean Spray Canada: Blind Taste Test

Ocean Spray: Sunset

Ocean Spray: Sunset (bumper)

Ocean Spray x Heinz: Toothpick Javelin Game

Ocean Spray x Heinz: Toothpick Javelin Game

Online engagement promoting an Ocean Spray and Heinz recipe partnership. Play now.

Turkey Calculator Rich Media

Zip Code Rich Media

Patriot Place Partnership

Patriot Place Partnership

Because athletes (and fans) get thirsty, Ocean Spray is the official juice of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution. This rollout coincided with the launch of The Bog at Patriot Place, an educational nature walk around the natural occurring bog behind Bass Pro Shops. 

  Photo:  Greta Al  m  s

Photo: Greta Alms

Bogs Across America

Bogs Across America

Since most people can't get to a bog, we brought bogs to people.

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